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Podcast: Demystifying Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamics, Assessments & Power Curve Upgrades

Power Curve is an independent service provider to the global wind industry. We design, manufacture and install power upgrades for wind turbine blades to help our clients make their wind projects more profitable.

Wind energy plays a key part in sustaining our planet. To keep us headed in the right direction, turbine owners must work hard to maximize returns on their wind energy projects. Our upgrade technology makes this easier by improving the aerodynamic performance of turbine blades, whether new or aging.

The Power Curve solution builds on vortex generator technology. It has been thoroughly tested and validated, and we continue to work closely together with universities to refine and optimize it even further. This gives us the best chance to stay ahead of the game within aerodynamic innovation.

Our upgrades have been installed on blades in many locations worldwide, either as part of testing or as full-fledged solutions. Most of our day-to-day activities take place in Aalborg, Denmark, where we are headquartered, and we also have sales offices in Spain, China and the USA.

Power Curve Vortex Generator Panels

Power Curve Vortex Generator Panel
  • Optimize blade aerodynamics
  • Increase turbine AEP by 2-4%
  • UL validated load neutral
  • Reduce noise

Our technology at a glance

In order to improve the power efficiency of a turbine rotor, we optimize its aerodynamic properties in two distinct regimes; on the outer part, where aging blades may suffer from surface roughness due to wear and tear, and on the inner part, where blades are characterized by thick airfoils.

As wind turbines age, their production capacity gradually diminishes. One source of declining production is blade wear as dirt, bugs and other unwanted materials wear down or cling to the blade surface. This has a significant negative effect on the aerodynamic properties of the blades, and as a result, the turbine produces less energy. Installing vortex generators mitigates this problem by energizing the airflow along the blade surface, minimizing stall effects and thus improving blade aerodynamics.

Towards the root, the blade transitions from the outer aerodynamically efficient profiles to the inner circular load-carrying structure at the interface between hub and blade. Because of the thickness of these airfoils, their aerodynamic properties are inherently poor. Thick airfoils cause early stall, but by carefully applying our VGs in this region, we can improve power performance. This applies for old as well as new blades.

E.ON installs Power Curve upgrade solution after proof of technology

E.ON has commenced a large-scale roll-out of Power Curve upgrades on MW turbines in Texas, USA. The decision was made following a thorough and successful technical and financial qualification of the Power Curve upgrade technology.

The project was commenced in 2018 and continues in 2019, bringing the accumulated Power Curve installations worldwide to 500+.

Together with Eurus Energy USA’s large-scale roll-out last year, E.ON’s qualification and adoption of Power Curve technology establishes Power Curve as a leading third-party provider of innovative upgrade solutions.

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Eurus Energy America to upgrade 104 turbines

Eurus Energy America is about to retrofit turbines at Combine Hills I and II in Oregon with Power Curve vortex generators.

The order follows successful test results at their Bull Creek Wind project in Texas that showed an average predicted increase in AEP of 3.5%.

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