Power Curve is an independent service provider to the global wind industry. We design power upgrades for wind turbine blades to help our clients make their wind projects more profitable.

Power Curve solutions revolve around vortex generator technology. We have had our technology thoroughly tested and validated, and we continue to work closely together with universities to refine it even further. This gives us the best chance to stay ahead of the curve within aerodynamic innovation. Our upgrades have been installed on blades worldwide, either as part of testing or as full upgrade solutions.

Most of our day-to-day activities take place in Aalborg, Denmark, where we are headquartered. We also have sales offices around the world. We organize our services through extensive collaboration with technology partners and local suppliers to keep our core team focused on sales, product development and client project management.

CEO, Niels Fiil Brønnum, has extensive wind turbine technology insight and knowledge from many years in R&D and managerial positions at Vestas Wind Systems, LM Wind Power and as co-founder of LAC Engineering. Niels joined the Power Curve team in 2013 after LAC Engineering was successfully acquired by Rambøll Wind in 2012. LAC Engineering offered consultancy services within Loads, Aerodynamics and Control for wind turbine designers and owners.

Wind turbines are multi-technology systems, in which each sub-element – from structure response and aerodynamic forces to control actions – plays a significant and vital role in the optimal performance of the turbine. When designing aerodynamic (or control-based) upgrade solutions, it is absolutely vital to understand their impact and consequences across the entire system in order to avoid jeopardizing safe and efficient operation of the turbine.

At Power Curve, this is a central focus, as we strive to develop the optimal solution based on deep system understanding and in close and transparent dialogue with the client.