Power Curve is the only global supplier of vortex generators that has design capabilities to regain turbine production lost to blade surface roughness.

To be successful, our solutions must utilize the very latest knowledge. We believe this leads to the highest returns for our customers and to more efficient green energy for our society. It is important to us to be at the forefront of technological advances and innovation in the field of blade aerodynamics.

Leading Edge Roughness

In recent years, the focus on optimal turbine performance has grown. This has led to the need for a deeper understanding of the impact of blade erosion and degradation on blade aerodynamics. For this reason, Power Curve is part of the Leading Edge Roughness (LER) project.

The project consortium includes the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Aalborg University (AAU) and the Danish National Metrology Institute (DFM). Funding comes partially from the Energy Technological Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP).

As part of the project, Power Curve has also established a 3-year PhD position enrolled at DTU Wind Energy. The objective of the PhD is both academic and commercial. Major tasks include:

  • Verification of DTU’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software with blade erosion included
  • Wind tunnel tests with different kinds and levels of blade erosion
  • Autonomous drone flight for blade inspection
  • 3D reconstruction of blade erosion in sub-millimeter scale from drone inspection
  • Development of tools and processes for the blade erosion analysis
  • Technology integration from the LER project into Power Curve

The end objective of the LER project is to be able to categorize and translate a given degree of Leading Edge Roughness into an estimated loss in power production for any given turbine blade.

Our history

Power Curve ApS sprung from a joint venture that was undertaken by a trio of organizations who had identified a pressing need in the wind turbine industry for blade enhancement add-ons, especially within the retrofit market. The objective was to take the next big step in turbine blade power upgrades.

As a result, Power Curve is built on an extensive yet highly specialized knowledge base.

On the business side, Liftra brought the necessary experience as a leading service provider for the global wind energy industry, and SanderTech A/S (now SP Moulding) brought 80 years of experience within plastic molding, including subcontracting to major wind industry OEMs.

On the scientific side, ensuring that the project would build on the very latest know-how and research, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Wind Department) brought their world-leading work in the field of aerodynamics.

In late 2012, funding was secured from EUDP, proving to be the last piece of the puzzle, as Power Curve ApS became a reality.

Since then, we have been busy testing, validating and further developing our technology, welcoming in new clients with new projects to optimize.

We strive for better solutions in everything we do. Improving wind turbine power performance is meaningful and a win-win proposition as all parties involved stand to gain, including the environment.