Our installation procedure is highly optimized for consistent fitting and reduced turbine downtime. Regardless of installation method, safety is always a top priority.

Power Curve vortex generators come in panels rather than individual pairs. This means that our installation teams are able to perform quicker and more accurate installations than most. Our clients can expect reduced turbine downtime and optimal precision.

In terms of installation speed, we are on par with market average, if not even faster. This is despite the fact that we install our vortex generator panels on both the inner and the outer sections of the blade. By rope access, a typical Power Curve installation takes 1 working day per rotor.

We have trusted and qualified installation partners around the world, who have the necessary expertise to install Power Curve upgrades securely and competently.

Rope Partner, USA

From project to project, circumstances may call for a specific method of installation or a specific installation partner. We always confer with the client to decide which solution best fits their situation.

Rope access

Rope Access Installation

Rope access is our standard mode of installation. Our experience shows that it is in most cases time-efficient and cost-effective compared to other methods.

In hilly or otherwise rugged terrain, rope access allows for much needed flexibility during installation.

Aerial Truck

Aerial Truck Installation

In open terrains, it is possible to use an aerial truck. Compared to rope access, in flat terrain, this technology is faster in terms of per-turbine efficient installation time.

Unfortunately, the aerial truck also comes with higher standby costs as well as the risk of failing equipment.

Suspended Platform

Suspended Platform Installation

For turbines scheduled for other maintenance, using a suspended platform is an option, as installation can be done simultaneously with repairs, yielding significant cost synergies.
If no repairs are scheduled, this method can take several hours longer compared to rope access, and it is not recommended for VG installation as sole activity.