We provide a low-cost, low-risk technology that lets turbine owners harvest a significant increase in the annual energy production (AEP) of their wind turbines.

Power Curve solutions are specifically designed to improve performance both on new wind turbines and on turbines that no longer generate their initial electricity output due to blade wear. With a Power Curve upgrade, you can expect an increase in turbine AEP of 2-6%, depending on the state of your blades and the location of your turbines.

Turnkey Solution

Power Curve Turnkey Package

The full Power Curve upgrade solution. One-stop-shop retrofitting.

Let Power Curve take care of the complete upgrade process from assessment analyses and add-on fitting to installation and performance reports. We recommend this solution for most global operators.
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Kit Solution

Power Curve Kit Package

Power Curve upgrade kit, ready for installation by client O&M technicians.

Our pre-packaged Power Curve Kit comes complete with vortex generator panels and all necessary specifications and tools. This solution is optimal for operators with adequate in-house blade maintenance expertise.
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OEM Solution

Power Curve OEM Package

No extras, just the basic Power Curve VG panels. Ideal for OEMs.

Our OEM package comes with Power Curve vortex generator panels designed and specified by either the client or by us. This solution is intended for large OEMs with full in-house installation capacity.
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The choice is yours

Each of our upgrade packages is designed to match different customer needs and capacity, from small operators to large OEMs.

The increase in AEP depends on factors such as blade surface damage level, wind climate and existing performance upgrades installed. Contact us to learn what can be done for your wind projects.