PowerCurve is an independent global provider of blade upgrade solutions and consultancy services. 

Solution Oriented Experts in Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

We strive for better solutions in everything we do. Improving wind turbine power performance is meaningful and a win-win proposition as all parties involved stand to gain, including the environment.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing our world and there’s no time to lose. Together, we are committed finding new ways to cut emissions, to make the renewable fleets even more efficient and better care for the world we connect. We’re challenging ourselves to innovate, reaching for new heights to find as-yet undiscovered solutions that we can put into practice to our industry.

Providing Customizable Solutions Worldwide

PowerCurve is global and currently present in wide spread geographical markets.

Local Installation Partners - Creating Local Jobs

To ensure an optimal installation process we use local installation partners. Local professionals have the better understanding of both site and environment which is important. We have made a comprehensive guide for our installation partners to assist the mounting of add-ons. 

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Did you know that PowerCurve also offers aerodynamic engineering consultancy services? Read more here.