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At the Forefront of Aerodynamic Innovation

At PowerCurve we are serial innovators. We never stop thinking about, sketching, and simulating the next big idea. We take our inspiration from many sources including other industries, and the natural world.

Dragon Scale VG

The Dragon Scale vortex generator is the result of an intensive 2 year project involving hundreds of hours of CFD simulation and wind tunnel testing in industry-standard tunnels. The goal: to keep all of the benefits of a VG but with lower drag. The result: increased turbine AEP. The Dragon Scale is currently undergoing full-scale trial on a turbine in Denmark.

Induction Optimiser

The Induction Optimiser addresses the issue of blades having sub-optimal lift distributions. PowerCurve have designed a device that allows careful customisation of blade load distributions to achieve higher AEP, and lower loads. The technology has been thoroughly wind tunnel tested.

Innovation Through Strong Partnerships

We have been working closely with a variety of clients for multiple years. These partnerships have contributed to the experience and know-how that we benefit from today. We assist clients in different projects which constantly adds to our know-how and keeps us updated on market trends. 

EUDP Projects

PowerCurve has a strong track record of leading and participating in large collaborative research projects funded by EUDP. In 2022, we started working in our 4th such project: LERcat. This project is led by DTU and includes industry partners Vestas, LM Wind Power, SGRE, Suzlon. The goal of the project is to take understanding of the aerodynamic impact of LE erosion to the next level.

In the wind industry, as society continues its transition towards renewable energy, it is therefore a very pertinent issue that warrants our very careful attention. This was our motivation for collaborating with PowerCurve on developing an upgrade design tool that provides solutions for reinstalling some of the lost power production by utilizing vortex generator technology.
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