Nearthlab and PowerCurve collaboration

Press release: Nearthlab and PowerCurve Team up

February 27, 2024

PowerCurve, a pioneer in aerodynamic blade performance, and Nearthlab, a leading provider of autonomous drone solutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at optimizing wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M).

Under the agreement, Nearthlab’s cloud-based analytics platform, Zoomable, will integrate aerodynamic performance calculation capabilities from PowerCurve’s flagship AEP analysis tool, AeroVista, into its framework. The integration will enable site managers to understand AEP loss attributed to each blade surface defect, such as leading-edge erosion identified through Zoomable.

Surface degradation on the leading edge often leads to significant power output reductions. With AeroVista integrated into Zoomable, site managers will be able to determine the impact of each defect on turbine performance, facilitating targeted maintenance and resource allocation.

“Spotting defects is one thing; understanding their financial impact is another,” said Jay Choi, co-founder and CEO of Nearthlab. “Teaming up with PowerCurve marks a significant step towards fostering an environment where wind farms can operate at their best.”

Niels Bruhn Brønnum, CEO of PowerCurve, echoed Jay’s sentiments, saying, “Driven by the shared commitment to a sustainable future, our partnership will redefine how the wind industry approaches O&M.”




About PowerCurve

PowerCurve provides multi-brand aftermarket aerodynamic upgrade solutions, digital services, and consultancy supporting clients to make their wind projects more profitable.

PowerCurve upgrade solutions are tailored to the specific turbine and blade model in question and consistently provide 2-4 % extra annual energy production to turbine owners.

PowerCurve believe in owners’ and operators’ rights to understand the often black-boxed data around blade aerodynamics, and take pride in offering deep insights and innovative solutions to increase transparency and knowledge to support owners and operators in making informed and confident decisions. Learn more at or follow PowerCurve on LinkedIn.


About Nearthlab

Nearthlab has been redefining drone solutions since 2015, pushing practical boundaries beyond industry norms. We seamlessly blend top-notch software and hardware to address diverse needs, from reconnaissance and surveillance to public safety and infrastructure inspection.

Nearthlab’s solutions prioritize simplicity. No learning curve — just adaptable, user-friendly designs tailored to the unique needs of various industries. Our solutions find the sweet spot in balancing hardware, software, size, and cost without having to make compromises.

Precision in data collection and a commitment to safety define Nearthlab. In high-risk scenarios such as post-disaster search and rescue missions, our solutions step up to enhance operational efficiency.

Consider Nearthlab your steadfast partner in cultivating a safer, more efficient future.

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AeroVista can calculate the performance impact of every blade damage.

Digital Services

We provide detailed insights, predict performance impact and help our clients to make confident decisions.


Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines to increase AEP.