SkySpecs and PowerCurve partnership

Press release: SkySpecs and PowerCurve Team up, Providing Stronger Blade Analytics

USA-based SkySpecs and Denmark-based PowerCurve have entered a product partnership based on SkySpecs’ and PowerCurve’s unrivaled expertise within blade asset management and wind turbine aerodynamics. The result is the AEP Loss Analysis tool, which solves the challenge of linking real world blade condition with power performance loss in a repeatable and consistent way. The tool uses drone inspection imagery and a high-fidelity aerodynamic model of the specific wind turbine blade to estimate the impacts of erosion. This consistent and repeatable process enables owners and operators to target their O&M budget to the turbines with the highest return considering both structural and aerodynamic condition, maximizing the overall wind farm revenue. 

“We are incredibly excited to partner with PowerCurve. Their blade aerodynamics expertise combined with our tools for wind asset O&M will result in accurate and efficient methods for mitigating AEP loss due to erosion. We look forward to continuing to innovate with PowerCurve to deliver market solutions to the persistent obstacle of blade erosion” said SkySpecs CTO Tom Brady.

“We are excited about this partnership as it brings a truly groundbreaking solution to the market solving a very real industry problem. SkySpecs has developed very impressive solutions to optimize wind asset O&M, and we are proud to contribute with our technology in this partnership” said Niels Bruhn Brønnum, CEO, PowerCurve. “PowerCurve has installed hundreds of upgrade solutions in the USA, and we see this as a great opportunity to further strengthen our presence and activities in the States.”

About SkySpecs

SkySpecs is simplifying renewable energy asset management by offering purpose-built technologies and services that help our customers deliver industry-leading productivity, efficiency, and returns. Every day, we help our customers unlock the power of their data so they can make confident, informed decisions. Our team brings deep industry experience and a willingness to get our hands dirty to first understand and then solve customer problems on the ground. Learn more about our best-in-class technologies and how we’re helping the renewable energy industry realize its potential at  Follow us on LinkedIn.

About PowerCurve

PowerCurve provides multi-brand aftermarket upgrade solutions, digital services, and consultancy supporting our clients in making their wind projects more profitable. Our upgrade solutions are tailored to the specific turbine and blade model in question and are consistently providing 2-4 % extra annual energy production to their buyers. We believe in owners’ and operators’ rights to understand the often black-boxed data around blade aerodynamics, and we take pride in offering deep insights and innovative solutions to increase transparency and knowledge supporting owners and operators making informed and confident decisions. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn. “We shape power performance”

AEP loss analysis

AEP loss analysis can calculate the performance impact of every blade damage.

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We provide detailed insights, predict performance impact and help our clients to make confident decisions.


Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines to increase AEP.