PowerCurve's solutions are load neutral

UL-load neutral vaidation

At PowerCurve we strive to develop upgrade solutions that optimise wind turbines and increase energy production. It is important for us to ensure that our solutions do not increase load on the wind turbine's components. Therefore we are proud to receive the results from UL's load assesment with the confirmation of our solutions being load neutral.

Power Curve’s vortex generator and Gurney flap solutions have been independently validated by UL to the international IEC61400 wind turbine design standard.

UL carried out a comprehensive assessment of Power Curve’s products and design methodology including detailed aeroelastic, CFD, and FEA studies.

The conclusion was that Power Curve products are LOAD NEUTRAL and will not adversely impact turbine lifetime or extreme component loadings.


Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines to increase AEP.

AEP loss analysis

AEP loss analysis can calculate the performance impact of every blade damage.


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