Unrivaled Blade Expertise

We provide detailed insights and predict performance to help our clients make confident decisions.

We Know Blades

PowerCurve is a highly experienced provider of aerodynamic engineering consultancy services. We have worked with some of the largest wind turbine operators and OEMs around the world. Our customers appreciate and value our expertise and deep insights.

What We Offer in Consultancy

  • Evaluation of in-field turbine performance
  • Blade aerodynamic shape design and review
  • Wind tunnel test planning and management
  • Tailored aerodynamic training sessions and seminars


We use advanced analytic and simulation tools to diagnose poor blade performance, evaluate modifications, and highlight potential improvements.

Blade Design Support

Our customers demand the best blade design possible. We use our aerodynamic expertise to guide the design process and optimise performance. PowerCurve has supported blade design projects for several OEMS.

Sinoma have entered a technology cooperation agreement with PowerCurve to assist Sinoma in building world-class blade designs. Sinoma do not hesitate to recommend PowerCurve’s services and expertise.

Fleet Assessment

Modern fleets are highly diverse. We use a data-driven process to identify the most appropriate solutions for every turbine, allowing you to take advantage of all opportunities.

Download material

  • Consultancy Services Brochure (PDF)
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Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines.

Digital Services

Our digital services give deep technical insight that enables our clients to make confident decisions.

About PowerCurve

Years of experience and field-proven technology. We strive for better solutions in everything we do.