Unrivaled Blade Expertise

We provide detailed insights and predict performance to help our clients make confident decisions.

We Shape Power Performance

A well-shaped blade leads to maximum energy output.

Blade and Aerofoil Design

We have the capability to deliver a full aerodynamic design including custom aerofoils. In an agile and flexible manner, we work together with the customer’s internal teams to ensure that the design meets all requirements.

PowerCurve has designed blades up to 120m in length with integrated add-on solutions.

Blade Design Review

Over the years, PowerCurve has analysed many different blade designs from all major OEMS. This gives us a unique perspective on the blade design space that allows us to effectively assess any new blade design.

We work closely with the customer’s blade design team to give an independent perspective on key blade metrics such as power performance and stall margin, whilst offering suggestions for improvement based on rigorous engineering analysis.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Effective use of wind tunnel testing is critical to ensure that a blade’s aerodynamic performance is both highly efficient and robust. PowerCurve’s experts have planned and supervised wind tunnel tests in many of the industry-standard tunnels.

We take ownership of a wind tunnel campaign from start to finish including project management of model builds, test matrix design, and on-site supervision.


Photo: DTU Wind and Energy Systems

Advanced CFD

Computational fluid dynamics are an essential part of any blade designer’s toolbox. PowerCurve has developed in-house CFD methodology that allows us to efficiently simulate a wide range of cases from individual aerofoils, to full rotors equipped with aerodynamic upgrades such as VGs. We offer CFD simulation for diagnostic purposes e.g. to help a customer evaluate a leading edge protection solution.

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