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We provide detailed insights and predict performance to help our clients make confident decisions.

Fleet assessment

At PowerCurve we know the importance of conducting fleet assessment on turbines when they reach their midlife and we have many years of experience with identifying hidden issues so the efficiency and reliability of the turbine can be increased.

Key benefits of fleet assessment

  • Identify and eliminate risks
  • Determine actions to avoid potential issues
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reliability

Turbine-level insights to drive fleetwide improvement

We analyze all site characteristics to develop a tailor-made action plan.

Portfolio evaluation

Modern wind turbine fleets often consist of multiple models and ages of turbines with site-specific configurations. In collaboration with our customer we create a score card of upgrade potential so that they can implement an effective upgrade plan. We work with our customers to ensure they have every piece of data required to make a good decision that will maximize wind farm revenue.

Blade condition assessment

An important part of our portfolio evaluation is to examine the condition of the blade including surface degradation and the presence of any aerodynamic upgrades.

All blades are different and by using a suite of analysis tools PowerCurve establishes the relationship between real-world blade conditions and the potential for performance improvement.

Site specific conditions

Wind turbines are designed to discrete climate classifications despite climate conditions being continuously variable. This represents a challenge but also an opportunity for optimization. By analyzing climate data we can understand which turbines are below or close to their limits, and suggest different upgrade strategies accordingly.

Action plan

All of the above analyses are highly detailed and produce a lot of data.
As part of the fleet assessment service, PowerCurve will provide an action plan combined with business case calculations that can be used for budgeting purposes.

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Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines.

Digital services

Our digital services give deep technical insight that enables our clients to make confident decisions.

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