Digital Services

Predict Performance Impact

Through powerful data analysis software and on-site testing, we provide detailed insights, predict performance impact and help our clients to make confident decisions.

Powerful Data Analysis Software

Our clients care and constantly aim to optimise their assets. They value our digital services as these directly contribute to analyse and identify ways to improve the performance of wind turbines.


What is the real cost of blade damages and surface degradation? With AeroVista, you don’t need to guess. By using drone inspection data combined with a detailed aerodynamic model, the AEP Loss tool can calculate the performance impact of every blade damage.

We have collaborated with PowerCurve on a number of aerodynamic projects over the past year. The detailed aerodynamic models, constructed by PowerCurve, have provided insight in to our blade performance. A bespoke software have allowed us to investigate a variety of aerodynamic parameters such as impact of leading edge protection and potential for aerodynamic upgrades. The team from PowerCurve are easy to work with and quick to adapt to our needs giving the best results possible.

BPI Tool

The Blade Performance Investigator tool delivers high fidelity blade analytics that empower customers to make better O&M decisions.

Digital Twins

PowerCurve has an extensive library of blade and turbine data that can be used to construct high quality digital twins.

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AEP Increase

Increase annual energy production from your wind turbines with PowerCurve's upgrade solutions. 

Noise Reduction

Maintain AEP and reduce noise. Don't be constrained by curtailment. Turn up your turbines and reap the benefits.

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