Digital services

Predict performance impact

Through powerful data analysis software and on-site testing, we provide detailed insights, predict performance impact and help our clients to make confident decisions.

Asset performance analysis

PowerCurve and SkySpecs have teamed up to provide wind turbine owners and operators unprecedented analytics on AEP loss due to blade wear and tear to support financially well-informed O&M decisions.

Here-and-now asset performance monitoring

What is the real cost of blade damages and surface degradation? With the AEP Loss Analysis, you don’t need to guess. By using high resolution drone inspection data combined with a detailed aerodynamic model the AEP Loss Analysis can calculate the performance impact of every blade damage. The process is fully automated and presents AEP loss results in a clear dashboard.

Optimize site profitability

Armed with a complete overview of turbine-specific AEP losses, it is possible to plan O&M operations that will maximise limited repair budgets. Know exactly which turbine should be repaired first – follow the data to make an informed decision that will yield the largest AEP improvement.

World class modelling capability

The AEP Loss Anaysis process is driven by an aerodynamic model of the actual turbine in question. It is repeatable and consistent. Through laser scanning, full-blade CAD modelling, and advanced aerodynamic analysis we can build a detailed blade model suitable for analysing the impact of even the smallest blade defect.