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Predict Performance Impact

Through powerful data analysis software and on-site testing, we provide detailed insights, predict performance impact and help our clients to make confident decisions.

BPI Tool

Blade Performance Investigator is an engineering tool that gives owners and operators a deep understanding of their blades’ aerodynamic performance with the opportunity to explore how blade configuration changes improves AEP.

Understand Erosion Impact

Any degradation of the blade surface condition from a “factory clean” condition will result in a reduction in the power output of a wind turbine. It is critical to understand this relationship so that appropriate mitigation measures can be put in place. The BPI-tool allows owners and operators to analyse the impact of real-world blade conditions on power output.

Investigate Performance Parameters

It can be difficult to decide on the most effective O&M or upgrade strategy for a blade if you do not have visibility of key performance parameters. BPI is able to conduct a detailed analysis of any blade and present the user with its unique aerodynamic signature.

Evaluate Blade Configuration Changes

Are you considering installing a leading edge protection solution, or do you want to evaluate the performance risk of a missing aerodynamic add-on? These are two examples of questions that BPI can answer. By carrying out a series of aerodynamic simulations the tool will guide you to make good decisions regarding any changes to blade configuration.

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