86% of aero-significant damages occur in the outer 30% of the blade

Analysis of 1,500 turbines 86% of aero-significant damages occur in the outer 30% of the blade

Published 17 January 2024



Analysis of +1,500 turbines

We have used AeroVista to analyze a dataset of 1,500 turbines consisting of 8 different turbine models with varying ages spread across multiple wind farms. As expected, the majority of aerodynamically-severe damages (and damages in general) were found in the outer region of the blade. Typically, blade damage initiation, propagation, and severity are driven by the local velocity, as that determines the impact energy with rain droplets, which is responsible for the vast majority of blade damages to the leading edge.


Focus on the outer part of blade

More than 85% of all blade damages can be found in the outer 30% of the blade span, which gives guidance to where attention should be focused when planning detailed inspections and mitigation measures to recover lost AEP.


Using +92,500 blade damages

The pictue below shows the distribution of over 92,500 blade damages identified over the 1,500 turbine sample set. The damages are shown after they have been categorized to determine aerodynamic performance impact severity, and are plotted against normalized blade length to allow comparison across the 8 different turbine models that formed part of this study.

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