Dominant Wind Turbine Noise is Generated from the Blade Tip

Dominant Wind Turbine Noise is Generated from the Blade Tip

Published October 17, 2023


Ever wondered what causes wind turbine noise?

Wind turbines in operation are powerful energy producers but they also generate noise. This is generated from:

1. Aerodynamic Noise: The primary source of noise in wind turbines is aerodynamic noise, caused by the interaction of the blades with the wind. As the wind flows over the blades, it creates fluctuations in air pressure, leading to the characteristic "swoosh" or "whoosh" sound we often associate with wind turbines.

2. Mechanical Noise: Some noise can also be attributed to the mechanical components within the turbine, such as the gearbox, generator, and yaw system. These components produce vibrations and humming sounds as they work together to convert wind energy into electricity.

As wind turbines and civilization are moving closer together, noise from wind turbines has become a bigger focus area. The good news is that the wind energy industry is continually working to reduce noise levels through advanced engineering and design. This ensures that wind turbines can coexist harmoniously with the environment and nearby communities.

At PowerCurve we address aerodynamic noise at its source to reduce the “swoosh” sound.

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