Identical Erosion Patterns Impact Different Blade Models Differently

Identical erosion patterns will affect different blades models Differently?

Published November 03, 2023

Did you know that the impact of identical erosion patterns can vary significantly across different blade models? AeroVista uses a high-fidelity digital twin of the actual blade model to estimate the AEP-loss based on erosion patterns tagged from inspection photos. The AeroVista analyses show that even if two different blade models have identical erosion patterns the AEP-loss will differ depending on the blade model.

An example is illustrated below where Blade A from OEM X suffer an AEP-loss of 2.7% whereas Blade B from OEM Y only suffers a 1.2% AEP-loss from the same erosion pattern. This equals to a difference of 1.5% in AEP-loss between the two wind turbines.

Using a high-fidelity digital twin of the actual blade type in question combined with detailed inspection data, AeroVista will provide you with a prioritized O&M plan of which wind turbines to repair/upgrade first.

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