AeroVista Insights: Individual AEP loss for 350 turbines

Individual AEP loss analysis for 350 turbines

Published February 13, 2024


AeroVista insight: Analysis of 350 turbines of the same make and model located across several similar sites shows significant differences in performance.

When a targeted selection of wind turbines needs to be made to maximise the impact of O&M spend, AeroVista is invaluable to establish the worst-performing turbines that should be taken care of first.

The graph below shows the individual turbine AEP loss values for the entire population of one turbine model.
The results are enlightening – despite all of these turbines being in a similar geographic and climatic region and being maintained in a pro-active manner by the operator, the spread of AEP losses is considerable from 0.1% to 2%.

This tells us that AEP loss due to blade damages need to be considered on a turbine level.

Site level assessment using global parameters such as turbine model or average site rainfall are not sufficient to obtain a complete and valuable picture of the actual performance of the individual turbines.

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