Leading Edge Erosion Impact Wind Turbine Power Production

How does blade erosion occur, and how does it impact wind turbine performance?

Published September 28, 2023


Wind energy is a powerful force in the transition towards a sustainable future. However, to harness its full potential and maximise energy production we must understand and minimise the effects of leading edge erosion.

Erosion occurs when particles like rain collide with the surface of turbine blades. Over time, this constant bombardment will lead to blade surface degradation causing poor aerodynamics which results in reduced wind turbine efficiency. A fascinating fact to consider is that the tip speed of blades can exceed 300km/h which explains why erosion typically is worst towards the blade tip.

To combat erosion, engineers are continuously exploring design enhancements and advanced blade add-on solutions. By doing so, we not only extend the life of wind turbines but also improve performance and ensure a cleaner and more sustainable energy future 🍃