AeroVista webinar

Webinar: AeroVista - General Introduction

AeroVista is a fully automated tool that uses drone inspection data of blade damages to calculate AEP loss.

In this first of two webinars we will walk you through a general presentation of what AeroVista is, how it works and how asset managers utilize the tool to plan and prioritize O&M repair campaigns. 


  • What is AeroVista
  • Step-by-step process walk-through
  • The importance of fixing aerodynamic blade damages
  • Case example: Using AeroVista to quantify per turbine AEP loss and identify repair campaign
  • Value of AeroVista

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Please note that each webinar will be held twice to support different time zones.

👉Europe - 02:00 PM to 02:30 PM (CET), May 23, 2024. Click here.

👉US - 08:00AM to 08:30AM (Pacific time), May 23, 2024. Click here.


The webinar will be recorded and attendees will be hidden and anonymous.