Aerodynamic Upgrade Solutions for Optimization of Wind Turbines

Our solutions are developed to ensure that you don't have to settle for less than maximum performance.

Customized Upgrade Solutions for Wind Turbines

Our technologies allow us to offer clients full range, customized and data-driven upgrade solutions that make it easy to optimize the aerodynamics of new and operating turbine blades.

AEP Increase

Maximize your profits with PowerCurve's range of bespoke upgrade solutions. Through our data-driven and rigorous engineering approach, we ensure all blades perform to their best.

Key benefits from our solutions

  • AEP increase by up to 2-4%
  • Low-risk investment
  • Load neutral
  • Field proven technology

Noise Reduction

Don't be constrained by curtailment. Our field-proven solutions reduce turbine noise and restore lost AEP using a combination of unique technologies.

Our Technology

PowerCurve uses our VG panels to optimise flow across the entire blade surface. Wind turbine blades can experience significant amounts of stall due to both inherent design choices and blade surface degradation. VGs energise the flow, reduce stall, and increase power production.


Click here to see our CTO, Nicholas Gaudern explain the vortex generator technology.

PowerCurve uses our blade serrations to maintain AEP and reduce noise from wind turbines. As turbines have increased in size, noise has also increased due to higher tip speeds. Our noise reduction solutions can reduce noise from wind turbines up to 2.5dB.


Click here to see our CTO, Nicholas Gaudern explain the technology of serrations.

The root region performance of all wind turbine blades is dominated by poorly-performing thick aerofoils. PowerCurve Gurney flaps boost lift where it is needed most to increase power production.


Click here to see our CTO, Nicholas Gaudern explain the gurney flap technology.

Our evaluation of PowerCurve’s technology demonstrates to us that it will allow our projects to produce more energy from the same wind resources.
– Joe Stevens, VP of Operations and Asset Management at Eurus Energy America
Years of in operation

Since 2012, PowerCurve has been a trusted partner in wind turbine blade optimization.

+90 GWh
Annual added energy

Our installed upgrade solutions anually produce more than 90GWh added energy and is growing every day.


Every year our solutions provide +90GWh added energy equivalent to more than the consumption of +20,000 households.


You don't have to take our word for it; PowerCurve solutions are comprehensively validated to deliver high performance over the entire turbine lifetime. Our continuous focus on quality means that we are trusted suppliers to some of the largest operators worldwide.

UL Validation

PowerCurve’s vortex generator and Gurney flap solutions have been independently validated by UL to the international IEC61400 wind turbine design standard. UL carried out a comprehensive assessment of PowerCurve’s products and design methodology including detailed aeroelastic, CFD, and FEA studies.

The conclusion was that PowerCurve products are LOAD NEUTRAL and will not adversely impact turbine lifetime or extreme component loadings.

Tested and Validated by Blaest Blade Test Centre

Our add-ons have been tested to remain mounted on the blade under rough weather conditions. It is important that our products deliver the desired effects - and always will.


Side-by-Side Method

For performance validation, we use the simple, yet robust and widely accepted side-by-side method. In the side-by-side method, data is divided into power bins in order to investigate the performance at the different wind speeds from cut-in to rated wind speed.

Based on blade condition and service histories, we select pairs of adjacent turbines. Using time-synchronized SCADA data from before and after VG installation, the difference in power production can then be used to evaluate the performance of the power-upgraded test turbine.

This ensures that wind conditions for two turbines in a given pair are as similar as possible during data logging, bringing us very close to a 1-to-1 comparison.

Noise Reduction

Our solutions are developed to reduce noise without increasing loads or reducing annual energy production.


We provide detailed insights and predict performance to help our clients make confident decisions.

Digital Services

Cutting edge software solutions enabling you to understand the full scope of your assets.

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