Aerodynamic Upgrade Solutions for Optimization of Wind Turbines

Our solutions are developed to ensure that you don't have to settle for less than maximum performance.

Why Settle for Less?

PowerCurve develops, manufactures and supplies blade upgrade solutions. We do that based on a deep aerodynamic knowledge and experience from working many years within wind and with blades in particular. PowerCurve solutions are designed for the turbine types in question and customized for the particular project e.g. site climate, blade surface conditions etc. Our clients get up to 2-4% extra AEP from our upgrade solutions corresponding to a ROI of 1-3 years, in some cases even lower. Don't settle for less!

Key benefits of our upgrade packs

  • Recover performance loss
  • Increase AEP
  • ROI in 1-3 years
  • Load neutral
  • Field proven technology

Increase Annual Energy Production

At PowerCurve we address two distinct aerodynamic issues on both old and new blades to optimize wind turbine performance. Operating blades are subject to wear and tear that over time results in significant AEP losses. Design compromises made during the original blade development can also be addressed through our upgrade packs.

Today our customers are enjoying more than 70 GWh extra energy every year from our solutions which is equivalent to the energy requirement of more than 17,000 households.

Since we upgraded our blades with PowerCurve’s vortex generators we experienced a gain in energy production of 3.6%.
– Jeppe Lyngaa, O&M at Green Wind Group

Proven Technology, Low-Risk Investment

Our upgrade solutions are field-proven and validated by third parties to deliver high performance over the entire turbine lifetime.

We provide comprehensive documentation to our customers throughout the entire project process to ensure business case certainty.

What's the upgrade potential of your wind project?

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Our Purpose

All blades can be improved. We know this to be true after successfully upgrading wind turbines worldwide and working with OEMs on legacy and next-generation blade designs. At PowerCurve we don't settle for less than the best solutions to increase AEP or reduce noise. We are proud of our track record of consistently delivering our customers world-class benefits and insight.

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