Aerodynamic upgrade solutions for optimization of wind turbines

Our solutions are developed to ensure that you don't have to settle for less than maximum performance.

Reduce noise and restore AEP

The dominant noise source from a wind turbine comes from the blades’ passage through the air. Depending on local regulations and proximity of turbines to housing, it may be necessary to reduce the noise from the wind turbine. PowerCurve's noise reduction solutions can be deployed to ensure turbines can produce their expected AEP, free from curtailment.

Reduce turbine noise

Curtailment is a blunt tool for addressing the problem of turbine noise, and does nothing to address the source of the problem. The interaction of a turbulent boundary with the blade's trailing edge dominates wind turbine noise. PowerCurve solutions address both boundary layer development as well as the scatting of noise from the trailing edge to solve the problem where it starts.

Maintain AEP

As turbines have increased in size, noise has also increased due to higher tip speeds. A typical mitigation approach to this problem is to run the turbine in a low noise mode, which often means curtailing energy production. By installing PowerCurve’s noise reduction solutions the problem is addressed at its source – the aerofoils - allowing turbines to escape noise reduced operation modes and restore AEP.

Up to 2.5dB noise reduction

Field-proven and validated on multiple turbines

Restore annual energy production

Don't be constrained by curtailment. Turn up your turbines and reap the benefits.

Load neutral upgrade solutions

PowerCurve serrations are carefully designed for every turbine to be load neutral.

Load neutral solutions

It is critical that any blade upgrade solution does not have a damaging impact on any turbine components. PowerCurve's design process is engineering-driven to deliver products that are load-neutral for the entire turbine.

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