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Enhanced lightning protection systems (E-LPS)

Every day, millions of lightning strikes are recorded around the world, and it only takes one to critically damage a blade. In many cases, existing lightning protection systems are not providing sufficient risk reduction leaving the owner and operators with a significant problem.

AeroLightning partnership

PowerCurve has partnered with leading third-party companies within lightning protection systems, blade service, structure and condition monitoring whose innovative products and services are maintaining and protecting thousands of turbines worldwide. Together, our companies are working on the next generation of lightning protection solutions bringing together the combined Group knowledge pool.


Aerodynamic performance and lightning system performance cannot be separated. For a lightning protection system to be effective, lightning has to be able ‘find’ the receptor by following a path of ions released from the blade lightning receptors. The location and concentration of that path of ions is determined by the flow structures around and behind the blade. PowerCurve and the group are leading the way in understanding this complex.


PowerCurve and the group have developed the LightningWall, which is a retrofittable device designed to work with the existing blade LPS to delivery enhanced protection. Contact us to learn more about how we can reduce the risk of catastrophic blade damage in your fleet.

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